22 March 2021


Gravina in Puglia, 22 March 2021 - Gabriele Mainetti directed Pasta Felicia 's first TV commercial, which will be on air next April and whose digital teaser campaign is live in these days.

Alessia Marcuzzi is the new testimonial of Felicia, the brand of Andriani S.p.A. . Benefit Corporation, which is held as one of the leading players in the innovation food industry, which made sustainability the pillar of its growth. Felicia is an innovative organic and naturally gluten-free pasta made with cereals (buckwheat, brown rice, oats) and pulses (chickpeas, red and yellow lentils, peas, mung beans). Alessia Marcuzzi perfectly personifies the brand's values, starting with a healthy diet that encourages optimism both at while eating and in life in general.

Pasta Felicia is good for all those who seek a healthy and balanced lifestyle and want to vary their diet, adding a little creativity to their cooking, including children who do not usually like to eat pulses as they are.

The commercial is designed for both TV and social media: its leitmotif, "let's feed optimism", translates the values of a healthy and versatile product, suitable for everyone's lifestyle, which has renewed the alternative pasta market with the widest range of recipes and formats available, produced in Italy's only allergen-free pasta factory with an integrated multi-grain mill, one of the largest in Europe. 6.14 Creative Licensing masterminded the creative work for the campaign, which was produced by Blackball.

Alessia Marcuzzi, with her contagious smile, is attentive to her wellbeing and pursues a varied diet, experimenting with a bit of everything, as long as it is healthy. Meeting with Felicia was a pleasant discovery for her: "Pulses and cereals made into pasta are cheerful and colourful: it's an innovative way of experimenting while cooking new and surprisingly tasty recipes that are good for the body and the spirit".

"Over the next three years, starting with the Feeding Optimism campaign, the Felicia brand defined an important growth path, a real development roadmap to increase brand awareness and boost sales and shelf rotation," explains Francesco Andriani, Vice President and CEO of the company.

"We planned several launches of new products for 2021 aiming to expand the available inventory and cover other categories, in addition to pasta, which now benefits from a new global graphic restyling of its packaging. ”

The digital teaser campaign to stimulate the Felicia community fan base started in the last few days. In addition to involving social channels, it will continue with in-store communication actions while waiting for the TV commercial to be aired in April.

"Choosing to eat well means nourishing everyone's wellbeing with optimism.... and I feel Felicia"- concludes Alessia Marcuzzi.

Based in Gravina in Puglia, Andriani, has been specialising since 2009 in the production of high-quality naturally gluten-free pasta, which is marketed both under its own Felicia brand and under third party brands. The raw materials used, including maize, brown rice, rice, buckwheat, oats, lentils, chickpeas and peas, are carefully selected and naturally gluten-free. Processing takes place in a 100% gluten-free production facility: six production lines, 55-plus different formulations and 1000 managed SKUs. One of the main players in the gluten-free pasta market, Andriani is sold by major distribution chains in over 30 countries worldwide. Flexibility, a dynamic organisation, research, innovation and commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability, with concrete actions and good practices towards all stakeholders, are the factors that drive the company's performance, which contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, promoted by the UN for a more sustainable global economy.