6 April 2021


Milan, 6 April 2021 - Felicia debuts on TV for the first time with a commercial dedicated to its innovative, tasty and nutritious pasta made from cereals (buckwheat, brown rice, oats) and pulses (chickpeas, red and yellow lentils, peas, mung beans), which is organic and naturally gluten-free.

6.14 Creative Licensing, a partner of Andriani S.p.A Benefit Corporation, an Italian benchmark for innovation food, and of its brand Felicia masterminded the creative work for the film.

"We have always been used to a single minded and stereotypical idea of pasta, but with Felicia we are facing new frontiers of taste and consumption. Using split-screen storytelling, we tell the story of the great variety of Felicia pasta, both from the perspective of its ingredients and flavours and of the way it is consumed. The narrator is Alessia Marcuzzi, who is called upon to be the spokesperson for the values of the brand, directed by Gabriele Mainetti," explains Luigi Focanti, Founder and Creative Director of the Agency.

"I was already familiar with Felicia because my sister is an avid consumer, so when I was asked to direct their first commercial, I felt right at home and enthusiastically accepted the assignment. For me, it was also a pleasant opportunity to work with Blackball, to collaborate with Lorenzo Cefis and to meet Alessia, with whom I felt immediately in tune" says Gabriele Mainetti.

Let's feed optimism is the claim of the new 30" and 15" Felicia commercials, the subject of an important strategic multichannel planning signed by PHD Media, Omnicom Media Group: on TV on Mediaset networks, On Demand, Social and Programmatic Video. The teaser campaign, which is already active on social channels, continues with targeted in-store communication actions, with a totally renewed graphic layout, a new pack system and the forthcoming launch of the brand's new web portal and e-commerce site.

"The product hero of the commercial is oats pasta, the brand's latest launch, which in a short space of time has succeeded in winning over an aware and demanding consumer, so much so that it has been recognised as the best performer in the category of new shelf launches in the Italian large-scale retail channel," says Francesco Andriani, Vice President and CEO of the company.

The new advertising campaign is part of a brand development roadmap planned for the next 3 years: a growth plan that aims to increase brand awareness and consolidate the new strategic positioning of Felicia, the protagonist of healthy pasta and a new, natural and conscious way of eating.

Andriani SpA Benefit
Corporation Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer: Domenico Mazzilli:
Marketing Communications Manager: Patrizia Stano
Creative Direction: Luigi Focanti, 6.14 Creative Licensing
Client Service Director: Elisabetta Bonacina, 6.14 Creative Licensing
Account Director: Giulia Gianfaldoni, 6.14 Creative Licensing
Copy: Rachele Proli, 6.14 Creative Licensing
Production company: Blackball
Director: Gabriele Mainetti
Executive Producer: Lorenzo Cefis
Producer: Anna Sica
DoP: Emanuele Zarlenga
Scenography: Max Sturiale
Styling: Sara Costantini
Food stylist: Iviano Ravasio
Editor: Francesco di Stefano
Colorist: Angelo Francavilla c/o Grande Mela
Audio: Cat Sound Int.l
Food Consultant: Chef Giovanni Cifarelli
Music: Deepa & Zizzed for Eshu Music and Sound Agency
Media Planning: PHD, Omnicom Media Group
Press contacts: 6.14 Creative Licensing
Désirée Baldini Gioia Sottocasa
dbaldini@6punto14.com gsottocasa@6punto14.com
Mob. + 39 335 6404897 Mob. +39 335 6096429

About Andriani SpA Benefit Corporation
Andriani, based in Gravina in Puglia, has been specializing since 2009 in the production of high-quality naturally gluten-free pasta, which is marketed both under its own Felicia brand and under third party brands. The raw materials used, including maize, brown rice, rice, buckwheat, oats, lentils, chickpeas and peas, are carefully selected and naturally gluten-free. Processing takes place in a 100% gluten-free production facility: six production lines, 55-plus different formulations and 1000 managed SKUs. One of the main players in the gluten-free pasta market, Andriani is sold by major distribution chains in over 30 countries worldwide. Flexibility, a dynamic organisation, research, innovation and commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability, with concrete actions and good practices towards all stakeholders, are the factors that drive the company's performance, which contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, promoted by the UN for a more sustainable global economy.

About 14 Creative Licensing
6.14 Creative Licensing is the "boutique agency" founded by Creative Director Luigi Focanti in 2011, which deals with marketing, communication and design in different markets worldwide, boasting a unique know-how and expertise in the creation of merchandising lines for brands. The agency operates from two offices in Milan and Rome, specialising in the launch and communication of brands from different sectors, including a solid experience in the food&beverage industry. 6.14's path combines strategic thinking, creativity, graphic design and research into creative solutions for communication with particular attention to execution and implementation. It operates through three divisions: 6.14 Creative Licensing, working on creativity, design and communication; 6.14 Creative Innovation, providing strategic and creative support for the innovation market and technological research; 6.14 PR Hub, focusing on PR and Media Relations. (https://www.6punto14.com/)